Activity 6:What? We Kinda’ Caused the Haze?

Remember the haze that happened in 2014? The haze that we Singaporean has been complaining about . That was the only time the haze reached about 300 Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) . When all the school closed for a day  and we students are celebrating. So do you remember who cause the haze? It the Indonesians right? What if i told you they are not one only one who cause to haze? We also contributed to the haze back then in 2014. Haze is also caused by the consumers like you and me.Below is causes , impact and ways to prevent the Haze.

The haze is mainly composed of smoke particles from huge peat and vegetation fires that occur mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia and is carried by the wind .Haze pollution causes health, economic and environmental impacts to the surrounding countries. FUN FACT, did you know the haze has plague Singapore since the 1970s?


One of the main causes is us , the consumers. Many of the products we buy every day is composed of vegetable oil which is palm oil and paper. Production of paper and palm oil are one of the causes of Large scale fires , deforestation , peat drainage and land conflict.Palm oil and paper produced in such a way is called “unsustainable” because it causes long term harm to the environment . Palm oil is a eatable oil found in most products worldwide. It can be found in the oil we use to cook,to chocolate to shampoo we use to wash our hair. We use paper everyday , for our assignment or just to doodle .  In 2014, Singapore generated 1.27 million tonnes of paper and cardboard waste, equivalent to about 50,000 sheets of paper per person. Therefore , by buying this products from the local supermarket, we are actually funding the production of palm oil and paper!! and indirectly causing the Haze.



The haze post as significant threat to the citizens of a country , as there are Fine Particulate Matter also know as PM2.5 and are a lot times smaller than a strand of a hair. These PM2.5 are mainly found in the smoke of the haze. The World Health Organization has stated that short term exposure can lead to eye, nose or throat irradiation and worsting the existing lung or heart diseases . They have even classified these PM2.5 as a cause of lung cancer


Did you remember the schools closing down for a day , when the haze has become severe? Imagine if the Changi Airport Terminals closing and when the air quality is so bad , no one will want to leave their home and the local shops will not have any business. This will result Singapore in losing millions of dollars due to the loss of business and closure of the airports. No one will also want to visit Singapore due to the haze. Singapore’s economy is based on tourism so if the airports are closed , tourists are not able to enter the country and there wont be any profit to end from that, thus future development of Singapore would restrained.

Life and Wildlife in the forest

So in the forest of Sumatra, there are indigenous people and the diverse wildlife living in this forest. When these forest are burnt down , the lives of the indigenous people and wildlife are affected .They will lose their homes and their way of life, their bread and butter are trees so we are also robbing them of their main source of income. When these trees are burnt down, the water sources will be polluted thus causing these people to have no access to clean water.Moreover when these trees are burnt down, the wildlife are more prone to be found by poachers or having conflict with human kind thus we are pushing these animals to the brink of extinction. Honestly who would like a world without animals.


When we are buy paper or palm oil products , we should look and ask for Forest Stewardship Council Certified or 100% recycled pulp and paper options. For example of these paper products are:

  • ”Tissue Paper”,
  • Stationery eg. post-its, printing paper
  • Furniture
  • Musical instruments

When purchasing Palm oil products, Look out for these brands,

  • IKEA
  • Tesco
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Unilever
  • L’Oreal
  • Haribo
  • Nestle


Unfortunately in Singapore, while sustainable paper products are already available, it is much harder for a consumer to find products that are Stewardship Council Certified as without consumer demand, finding these products are like looking for a needle in a haystack. Thus we as Singaporean should stop complaining and start to prevent the next haze from striking Singapore.


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Activity 5 : Worker Writes

What is worker writes? A question that might be in your mind right now. Worker Writes is a local competitions held for migrant workers , it is about these migrant workers on work permit or special pass to submit a poem. These poems then are judge upon and the shortlisted poems will stand to win attractive prizes and the best entries are then posted online. From the research i have done, i have found many poems that are written over the past 3 years and i read every poem.However there is a poem that struck me was written by Luo Lai Quan  who comes from Ningxia, China. Luo worked in Shenfei group in China and is currently working in Singapore in the aerospace sector. He loves exercising,  calligraphy, and literature.. He have written a poem named ”母亲” which translate to ”Mother” . His poem is about him missing his mother back at home. His poem will be available below in both languages.


思念 再次

刻蚀  您的面颊

想为我  插上一双翅膀





Chilling night

Homesickness once again
Beating the restless heart
Rustic pen
Creeping in this foreign land

My eagerness to go home, is a shooting arrow
The passage of time
Etching your cheeks
Like a loess sculpture
Framed in my heart
vague memory

In my childhood
Your labor
hoped to equip a pair of wings for me
to fly higher and farther
Also often
Reminded me to
Take care of myself

At this moment

I just want to stay by your side
The wings with homesickness

No longer want to wander outside
Little black at the door, barking non-stop

Behind him

That person

Leaning on crutches, with faltering steps
Looking at the distance…

Stepping in his shoes

Honestly in Singapore the Chinese Nationalist are usually being look down by Singaporean as they are usually talking really loud in the public or causing some public problems and they are sometimes being targeted by us Singaporeans. Imagine working in another country as a a engineer, everyday you are working with machines that are are very loud and requires you to wear ear plug , commutations will obvious be shouting and from that, after working sometime, your normal talking voice will be a lot loud thus people may perceive you as shouting. People also feel that the Chinese Nationalist are very rude and have lack of  Emotional intelligence (EQ). In fact , these Chinese Nationalist are very nice people and are not lacking of any Emotional intelligence (EQ). How did i know this?. You might have this questions in your mind.My Family runs a renovation company and my mom is working in the aerospace sector. When i go for to the renovation site where these migrant worker are usually working, i get to experience it first hand. I also went to Hangzhou,China for a learning Journey where i faced a lot of these Chinese Nationalist and the local students too. They are all very friendly people.


Being a local citizen, means that you have to be informed of everything that is happening to Singapore.As quoted by Jose Saramago , ”As citizens, we all have an obligation to intervene and become involved – it’s the citizen who changes things.”. I also feel that is not right for Singaporeans to think that they are above these migrant workers or foreign workers . As everyone is created by the same way and everyone is equal . It is wrong for us , Singaporeans to discriminate against a certain Race or Religion or Country.Like the Singapore Pledge ”pledge ourselves as one united people,regardless of race, language or religion”.From this activity , i have learn not to judge someone based on their Skin color or race or religion. I will like to end this blog with a picture below.

download (6)
Black or White , we are the same egg.



Activity 4 : Unusual Occupations

  Unusual meaning to me

Unusual to me means that something that is out of the ordinary, something that people do not normally do. When you combine unusual and jobs together you get an unusual job. When i think of unusual jobs i will think of jobs that people do not normally do. For example the first job that comes to my is people who are paid to sleep or paid to eat. These are the jobs anyone will kill to have . Honestly , ask yourself , would like to have a job that requires you to sleep and not your normally 9am to 5pm  job. So to find out the unusual occupations in Singapore, i did my research and found out the unusual jobs  that are make you think ” Huh?! Seriously? ” .

Pick Up Artist Instructor

images (1).jpgGuys honestly do you need help in ”uping” your game to pick up girls at the bar or in school or in your workplace. Stop watching Youtube videos and look no further as the solution is here. Sign up for a Pick up Artist Class. A pick up artist instructor is someone who specialize in picking up girls . It sounds weird but a pick up artist instructor is there to teach you tricks and way to improve your game in picking up the girl of your dreams at the bar. So being a Pick up artist instructor is actually preventing these guys from repeating your mistake in the past because a pick up artist instructor has a lot of experiences from his past attempts at picking up girls at the bar so that he could become better. So a pick up artist instructor is a great job for you if you have a interest in picking up girls at the bar . The best part of this job is actually seeing these people falling in love. You are just like a real life Cupid.

Professional Sleeper

woman wearing white shirt laying on bed

Honestly who does not like sleeping . In Singapore , Sleeping is very not common due to work and projects everyday and Singaporeans are usually sleep derived .Sleeping is like the most important thing to do. you sleep to recharge yourself for the next day . During your sleep, your Growth Hormones are released so that you could grow taller moreover, you will have Rapid Eye Movement (REM) .This is the part where you will start dreaming. This is a job i will love to do .Being a professional sleeper is actually sleeping to help healthcare organisations to learn the sleeping habits of certain groups of people to better develop solutions for insomnia or to test out the mattress or pillow before it is released to the public for sale. Did you know In America, professional sleep testers can earn upwards of $420,000 per year?. Shocking right?

In a nutshell,So from these unusual jobs , Pick up artist instructor taught me responsibility as these guys put their love life into the hands of the Pick up artist instructor so i could apple the same value to my homework or projects so i can hand up my assignment with good quality and on time at the same time. Moreover I feel that all these unusual occupations are there because there are people who wanted to try out new jobs or to realize their dreams or to relive their childhood or make others happy. That is the reason why i join Aerospace Electronics in Singapore Polytechnic because i love planes and i always wonder how they flew. This course teaches me to handle the electronic part of the plane and the electronic part is the most important part. Being an airplane engineer means that 200 over people are putting their lives in my hands . so i have to be responsible . Till next time!



Activity 3 :Made in Singapore

Activity 3:Made In Singapore

Honestly , what do you think could be invented in this boring society? Where everything is black and white , where fines are imposed if you commit a crime . But you are very wrong to think nothing are invented here in Singapore.

This activity is about the local inventions that have affected the world greatly. For this activity, i have done research  and found out the local inventions that rocked the world. Honestly, i didn’t know these items are invented in Singapore.

So in this blog i will list down the top 3 of my favorite local inventions and what i will create if i am inventor..

1.The Thumbdrive

Well that’s a surprise, the thumb drive, flash drive ,USB ,the ”thingy” that contains Gigabytes of your data , was invented here in Singapore. Shocking right? The thumb drive was invented in 2000s by Trek Technology which is a Singaporean company. It was able to storage 8 Megabytes of data , which is 5 times more than a floppy disk. I know you all are laughing because it only can storage 8 Mega -Bytes while today’s thumb drive can storage up to 125 Giga Bytes of data. Below you can find some designs of the thumb drive that could be purchased today.

2. 3D Printing Pen (CreoPop)

Who says Singaporeans are not creative .Let me introduce you to the world’s first 3D printing pen, it was invented  in 2013-2014. This pen allows its user to draw anything he or she could think , it limitation is the users imagination. Since it could draw a 3D object from nothing, it is obvious that this invention is going to rock the world. This pen is also environmental friendly as it doesn’t use heat at all and doesn’t need plastic to ”draw” so it is safe for children to use at home. Not only it is able to draw in normal ”ink”, the user could choose from a large variety of ”ink” , ranging from glittering ink, temperature- sensitive inks ,aromatic inks and glow-in-the-dark inks. The slideshow below shows some creations made by the 3D printing pen


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3.MTech FeverScan S3000

Remember the Severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak in 2003 to 2004.  This life saving machine was made during the outbreak in 2003 by  a Singapore company which specialized in military-grade scanners and imaging systems called MTech Imaging. It was used to scan for fever , which is one of the first signs of SARS Infections.Once it was invented it was immediately stationed at Changi Airport to check visitors so they could be quarantine if they display signs of fever. Afterwards it was sent to all the airports in the world. How’s that for saving the world . Below shows how the Mtech Fever scan 3000

My invention

What i will create if i am a inventor is that i will like to create a universal translator so that everyone can understand anyone and there wont be any language barrier anymore. This universal translator will be called U.T in short. This translator will not only allow you to understand the foreign language it will also allow you to speak the foreign language. This translator kills two bird with one stone . i got this inspiration from the Man in Black II movie. When Agent J ( played by Will Smith )  uses this universal translator to not only understand the alien’s languages but speak their language as well . cool right.This invention of mine would change how to world works. Imagine you in South Korea and not able to speak Korean , your is going to be so bad as you have no translator but with this your life is going to be easier.


Activity 2 : Heritage Trail

I went on my heritage on the 19 of June 2018
My heritage trail was Kampong Glam
First i met my friends a Bugis MRT station at 11am then we went to have lunch before going to Kampong Glam

Below is the details on traveling to Kampong Glam

First Stop Bugis MRT Station


Once you left the station,look for exit B. It will be on the left of the stationarabstreettour-39083

After you have exit the station, you would be in-front of Raffles Hospital.

Walk into the hospital and walk to the other end of the hospital, after you have left the hospital, cross the road and walk straight after 2 minutes you will be able to see the large Mosque.

Malay Culture Centre

I started my heritage journey at the Malay Culture Centre. Addmission is free for singaporeans and the ticketing price is below 15 Singapore Dollars.

Though i took photos at the heritage centre, my photos were corrupted , so no picture were able to be shown for the heritage centre.

Sultan Mosque

After I went to the heritage centre i went to the Big Mosque at kampong Glam and i have to take a selfie too. Honestly i am not someone who loves to take a selfie and does not like whip out my phone and smile at the camera. I am someone who is more towards group pictures or pictures with 2 or more people. But heres my forced selfie20180621_161112

Some facts i have learnt at the Sultan Mosque

The Mosque was built in 1824 for Sultan Hussein Shah, the first sultan of Singapore.

The Mosque’s Construction was sponsored by Sir Stanford Raffles and it costed about 3,000 dollars

The Sultan Mosque has a glass base which are made with Glass Bottles, donated by the poor so that not only the rich can contribute and it was a good way to reuse the glass bottles.

I have also included below the Before and After pictures of the Sultan Mosque





As you can see from the photos, the Singapore Government tries to keep these places of cultures as intact as possible as Singapore started out as Malay Fishing village to the busting city now.


Did you know that during the reconstruction of the Mosque , North Bridge Road was actually forced to bend around the mosque as it was extended beyond Arab Street.

(Cool right?)


After a visit to the Mosque , i went to Arab Street to take some cool pictures , i was actually surprised that these photos were not corrupted, i feel that its because of my memory card as it is only 2 dollars . Back to topic here below is the pictures i took.

KUJICAM_2018-06-19-12-28-15_developed In-frame , Credits: Kolin

I like the graffiti art on the walls in the alleys of the Arab street , if you are wondering why is Kolin is in the picture is because my other Classmate Wen Jun does not want to be in the picture too

The Slideshow below will show the graffiti art and some alleys in Kampong Glam

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




I felt that Kampong Glam is just a place that sells traditional Malay goods , Malay food with lots of Malay ”feels” to it . Its just a place that is for the Malay culture just like ChinaTown or Little India.


After i visited Kampong Glam , i have realized i was wrong. Kampong Glam is more than meets the eye as it not only have Malay food or decoration everywhere but it has a unique feeling to it as there are graffiti art on most of the walls and not every Cultural places are like that. Its a place of great cultural experience.

Activity 1: 5 Dollar Challenge

Preparation for the Challenge

Before i started this challenge i did some online research on the 5 dollar challenge to learn what is the challenge about,how the challenge came about, why are people doing these challenge and how it affect people who have done the challenge and what people have learnt from this 5 dollar challenge.

i found out  that the 5 dollar challenge is part of an movement called ”Singaporeans Against Poverty ” by Caritas Singapore

I also found out that the 5 dollar challenge aims to get people to develop empathy for the needy people by spending less than 5 dollars.

So i begin my 5 dollar challenge on 08/06/18 at 2 pm after i woke up at 1 pm

Brunch: Pork Buns

Cost: $0.00

So these Pork Buns bought by my mother during her last visit to the supermarket and these bun were actually steamed at about 8 am plus by my grandmother and i just reheated it at 2 pm for my brunch because i woke up late on that day.

After my brunch i proceed to watch my drama until about 5 pm

At 5 pm i went to Singapore Poly for my Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) training at 6 pm until 8 pm and i decided to stay to watch my seniors Spar against our coach Henry who is having his last day teaching at SP as he have to prepare for his upcoming MMA competition in July

After i left SP at 9 45pm i went to Choa Chu Kang to meet my friends for supper

Dinner: BBQ Pork Rice with add-on Duck meat and Grass Jelly Soya Bean Milk

Cost: $4 for rice and $1 for Drinks

Total Cost:$5.00


After my Supper, i went to Hang out with my friends till 12 am and i went home feeling accomplished as i have done the 5 dollar challenge

Total Cost for the Day:$5.00

Reflection: Before and After


Before i felt that the 5 dollar challenge is easy as i used to have an allowance of 6 dollars a day during my secondary school days. I felt that it is like any other time when i trying to save money by spending a total of 3 dollars a day and save the other 3 dollars.


After this 5 dollar challenge , i felt that the 5 dollar challenge is not as easy as it sounds because i am not in secondary school anymore and the food would be far more expensive than in secondary school and in Sp. This challenge made me put myself in the needy families shoes and they may have less than 5 dollars a day to survive the day and made me spent my money wisely . As a bonus i have done volunteer work with my father in an non-profiting organisation called Keeping Hope Alive. I Learnt that needy families earn less than 2000 dollars and its hard for them to put bread on the table, From this challenge i have learnt a lot of things and if there’s a chance i wouldn’t mind to do it all over again even for a period of time


The $5 Challenge: How I Lived on $5 a Day for a Week and Failed Spectacularly