Activity 1: 5 Dollar Challenge

Preparation for the Challenge

Before i started this challenge i did some online research on the 5 dollar challenge to learn what is the challenge about,how the challenge came about, why are people doing these challenge and how it affect people who have done the challenge and what people have learnt from this 5 dollar challenge.

i found out  that the 5 dollar challenge is part of an movement called ”Singaporeans Against Poverty ” by Caritas Singapore

I also found out that the 5 dollar challenge aims to get people to develop empathy for the needy people by spending less than 5 dollars.

So i begin my 5 dollar challenge on 08/06/18 at 2 pm after i woke up at 1 pm

Brunch: Pork Buns

Cost: $0.00

So these Pork Buns bought by my mother during her last visit to the supermarket and these bun were actually steamed at about 8 am plus by my grandmother and i just reheated it at 2 pm for my brunch because i woke up late on that day.

After my brunch i proceed to watch my drama until about 5 pm

At 5 pm i went to Singapore Poly for my Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) training at 6 pm until 8 pm and i decided to stay to watch my seniors Spar against our coach Henry who is having his last day teaching at SP as he have to prepare for his upcoming MMA competition in July

After i left SP at 9 45pm i went to Choa Chu Kang to meet my friends for supper

Dinner: BBQ Pork Rice with add-on Duck meat and Grass Jelly Soya Bean Milk

Cost: $4 for rice and $1 for Drinks

Total Cost:$5.00


After my Supper, i went to Hang out with my friends till 12 am and i went home feeling accomplished as i have done the 5 dollar challenge

Total Cost for the Day:$5.00

Reflection: Before and After


Before i felt that the 5 dollar challenge is easy as i used to have an allowance of 6 dollars a day during my secondary school days. I felt that it is like any other time when i trying to save money by spending a total of 3 dollars a day and save the other 3 dollars.


After this 5 dollar challenge , i felt that the 5 dollar challenge is not as easy as it sounds because i am not in secondary school anymore and the food would be far more expensive than in secondary school and in Sp. This challenge made me put myself in the needy families shoes and they may have less than 5 dollars a day to survive the day and made me spent my money wisely . As a bonus i have done volunteer work with my father in an non-profiting organisation called Keeping Hope Alive. I Learnt that needy families earn less than 2000 dollars and its hard for them to put bread on the table, From this challenge i have learnt a lot of things and if there’s a chance i wouldn’t mind to do it all over again even for a period of time


The $5 Challenge: How I Lived on $5 a Day for a Week and Failed Spectacularly



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