Activity 2 : Heritage Trail

I went on my heritage on the 19 of June 2018
My heritage trail was Kampong Glam
First i met my friends a Bugis MRT station at 11am then we went to have lunch before going to Kampong Glam

Below is the details on traveling to Kampong Glam

First Stop Bugis MRT Station


Once you left the station,look for exit B. It will be on the left of the stationarabstreettour-39083

After you have exit the station, you would be in-front of Raffles Hospital.

Walk into the hospital and walk to the other end of the hospital, after you have left the hospital, cross the road and walk straight after 2 minutes you will be able to see the large Mosque.

Malay Culture Centre

I started my heritage journey at the Malay Culture Centre. Addmission is free for singaporeans and the ticketing price is below 15 Singapore Dollars.

Though i took photos at the heritage centre, my photos were corrupted , so no picture were able to be shown for the heritage centre.

Sultan Mosque

After I went to the heritage centre i went to the Big Mosque at kampong Glam and i have to take a selfie too. Honestly i am not someone who loves to take a selfie and does not like whip out my phone and smile at the camera. I am someone who is more towards group pictures or pictures with 2 or more people. But heres my forced selfie20180621_161112

Some facts i have learnt at the Sultan Mosque

The Mosque was built in 1824 for Sultan Hussein Shah, the first sultan of Singapore.

The Mosque’s Construction was sponsored by Sir Stanford Raffles and it costed about 3,000 dollars

The Sultan Mosque has a glass base which are made with Glass Bottles, donated by the poor so that not only the rich can contribute and it was a good way to reuse the glass bottles.

I have also included below the Before and After pictures of the Sultan Mosque





As you can see from the photos, the Singapore Government tries to keep these places of cultures as intact as possible as Singapore started out as Malay Fishing village to the busting city now.


Did you know that during the reconstruction of the Mosque , North Bridge Road was actually forced to bend around the mosque as it was extended beyond Arab Street.

(Cool right?)


After a visit to the Mosque , i went to Arab Street to take some cool pictures , i was actually surprised that these photos were not corrupted, i feel that its because of my memory card as it is only 2 dollars . Back to topic here below is the pictures i took.

KUJICAM_2018-06-19-12-28-15_developed In-frame , Credits: Kolin

I like the graffiti art on the walls in the alleys of the Arab street , if you are wondering why is Kolin is in the picture is because my other Classmate Wen Jun does not want to be in the picture too

The Slideshow below will show the graffiti art and some alleys in Kampong Glam

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




I felt that Kampong Glam is just a place that sells traditional Malay goods , Malay food with lots of Malay ”feels” to it . Its just a place that is for the Malay culture just like ChinaTown or Little India.


After i visited Kampong Glam , i have realized i was wrong. Kampong Glam is more than meets the eye as it not only have Malay food or decoration everywhere but it has a unique feeling to it as there are graffiti art on most of the walls and not every Cultural places are like that. Its a place of great cultural experience.

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