Activity 3 :Made in Singapore

Activity 3:Made In Singapore

Honestly , what do you think could be invented in this boring society? Where everything is black and white , where fines are imposed if you commit a crime . But you are very wrong to think nothing are invented here in Singapore.

This activity is about the local inventions that have affected the world greatly. For this activity, i have done research  and found out the local inventions that rocked the world. Honestly, i didn’t know these items are invented in Singapore.

So in this blog i will list down the top 3 of my favorite local inventions and what i will create if i am inventor..

1.The Thumbdrive

Well that’s a surprise, the thumb drive, flash drive ,USB ,the ”thingy” that contains Gigabytes of your data , was invented here in Singapore. Shocking right? The thumb drive was invented in 2000s by Trek Technology which is a Singaporean company. It was able to storage 8 Megabytes of data , which is 5 times more than a floppy disk. I know you all are laughing because it only can storage 8 Mega -Bytes while today’s thumb drive can storage up to 125 Giga Bytes of data. Below you can find some designs of the thumb drive that could be purchased today.

2. 3D Printing Pen (CreoPop)

Who says Singaporeans are not creative .Let me introduce you to the world’s first 3D printing pen, it was invented  in 2013-2014. This pen allows its user to draw anything he or she could think , it limitation is the users imagination. Since it could draw a 3D object from nothing, it is obvious that this invention is going to rock the world. This pen is also environmental friendly as it doesn’t use heat at all and doesn’t need plastic to ”draw” so it is safe for children to use at home. Not only it is able to draw in normal ”ink”, the user could choose from a large variety of ”ink” , ranging from glittering ink, temperature- sensitive inks ,aromatic inks and glow-in-the-dark inks. The slideshow below shows some creations made by the 3D printing pen


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3.MTech FeverScan S3000

Remember the Severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak in 2003 to 2004.  This life saving machine was made during the outbreak in 2003 by  a Singapore company which specialized in military-grade scanners and imaging systems called MTech Imaging. It was used to scan for fever , which is one of the first signs of SARS Infections.Once it was invented it was immediately stationed at Changi Airport to check visitors so they could be quarantine if they display signs of fever. Afterwards it was sent to all the airports in the world. How’s that for saving the world . Below shows how the Mtech Fever scan 3000

My invention

What i will create if i am a inventor is that i will like to create a universal translator so that everyone can understand anyone and there wont be any language barrier anymore. This universal translator will be called U.T in short. This translator will not only allow you to understand the foreign language it will also allow you to speak the foreign language. This translator kills two bird with one stone . i got this inspiration from the Man in Black II movie. When Agent J ( played by Will Smith )  uses this universal translator to not only understand the alien’s languages but speak their language as well . cool right.This invention of mine would change how to world works. Imagine you in South Korea and not able to speak Korean , your is going to be so bad as you have no translator but with this your life is going to be easier.


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