Activity 4 : Unusual Occupations

  Unusual meaning to me

Unusual to me means that something that is out of the ordinary, something that people do not normally do. When you combine unusual and jobs together you get an unusual job. When i think of unusual jobs i will think of jobs that people do not normally do. For example the first job that comes to my is people who are paid to sleep or paid to eat. These are the jobs anyone will kill to have . Honestly , ask yourself , would like to have a job that requires you to sleep and not your normally 9am to 5pm  job. So to find out the unusual occupations in Singapore, i did my research and found out the unusual jobs  that are make you think ” Huh?! Seriously? ” .

Pick Up Artist Instructor

images (1).jpgGuys honestly do you need help in ”uping” your game to pick up girls at the bar or in school or in your workplace. Stop watching Youtube videos and look no further as the solution is here. Sign up for a Pick up Artist Class. A pick up artist instructor is someone who specialize in picking up girls . It sounds weird but a pick up artist instructor is there to teach you tricks and way to improve your game in picking up the girl of your dreams at the bar. So being a Pick up artist instructor is actually preventing these guys from repeating your mistake in the past because a pick up artist instructor has a lot of experiences from his past attempts at picking up girls at the bar so that he could become better. So a pick up artist instructor is a great job for you if you have a interest in picking up girls at the bar . The best part of this job is actually seeing these people falling in love. You are just like a real life Cupid.

Professional Sleeper

woman wearing white shirt laying on bed

Honestly who does not like sleeping . In Singapore , Sleeping is very not common due to work and projects everyday and Singaporeans are usually sleep derived .Sleeping is like the most important thing to do. you sleep to recharge yourself for the next day . During your sleep, your Growth Hormones are released so that you could grow taller moreover, you will have Rapid Eye Movement (REM) .This is the part where you will start dreaming. This is a job i will love to do .Being a professional sleeper is actually sleeping to help healthcare organisations to learn the sleeping habits of certain groups of people to better develop solutions for insomnia or to test out the mattress or pillow before it is released to the public for sale. Did you know In America, professional sleep testers can earn upwards of $420,000 per year?. Shocking right?

In a nutshell,So from these unusual jobs , Pick up artist instructor taught me responsibility as these guys put their love life into the hands of the Pick up artist instructor so i could apple the same value to my homework or projects so i can hand up my assignment with good quality and on time at the same time. Moreover I feel that all these unusual occupations are there because there are people who wanted to try out new jobs or to realize their dreams or to relive their childhood or make others happy. That is the reason why i join Aerospace Electronics in Singapore Polytechnic because i love planes and i always wonder how they flew. This course teaches me to handle the electronic part of the plane and the electronic part is the most important part. Being an airplane engineer means that 200 over people are putting their lives in my hands . so i have to be responsible . Till next time!



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