Activity 5 : Worker Writes

What is worker writes? A question that might be in your mind right now. Worker Writes is a local competitions held for migrant workers , it is about these migrant workers on work permit or special pass to submit a poem. These poems then are judge upon and the shortlisted poems will stand to win attractive prizes and the best entries are then posted online. From the research i have done, i have found many poems that are written over the past 3 years and i read every poem.However there is a poem that struck me was written by Luo Lai Quan  who comes from Ningxia, China. Luo worked in Shenfei group in China and is currently working in Singapore in the aerospace sector. He loves exercising,  calligraphy, and literature.. He have written a poem named ”母亲” which translate to ”Mother” . His poem is about him missing his mother back at home. His poem will be available below in both languages.


思念 再次

刻蚀  您的面颊

想为我  插上一双翅膀





Chilling night

Homesickness once again
Beating the restless heart
Rustic pen
Creeping in this foreign land

My eagerness to go home, is a shooting arrow
The passage of time
Etching your cheeks
Like a loess sculpture
Framed in my heart
vague memory

In my childhood
Your labor
hoped to equip a pair of wings for me
to fly higher and farther
Also often
Reminded me to
Take care of myself

At this moment

I just want to stay by your side
The wings with homesickness

No longer want to wander outside
Little black at the door, barking non-stop

Behind him

That person

Leaning on crutches, with faltering steps
Looking at the distance…

Stepping in his shoes

Honestly in Singapore the Chinese Nationalist are usually being look down by Singaporean as they are usually talking really loud in the public or causing some public problems and they are sometimes being targeted by us Singaporeans. Imagine working in another country as a a engineer, everyday you are working with machines that are are very loud and requires you to wear ear plug , commutations will obvious be shouting and from that, after working sometime, your normal talking voice will be a lot loud thus people may perceive you as shouting. People also feel that the Chinese Nationalist are very rude and have lack of  Emotional intelligence (EQ). In fact , these Chinese Nationalist are very nice people and are not lacking of any Emotional intelligence (EQ). How did i know this?. You might have this questions in your mind.My Family runs a renovation company and my mom is working in the aerospace sector. When i go for to the renovation site where these migrant worker are usually working, i get to experience it first hand. I also went to Hangzhou,China for a learning Journey where i faced a lot of these Chinese Nationalist and the local students too. They are all very friendly people.


Being a local citizen, means that you have to be informed of everything that is happening to Singapore.As quoted by Jose Saramago , ”As citizens, we all have an obligation to intervene and become involved – it’s the citizen who changes things.”. I also feel that is not right for Singaporeans to think that they are above these migrant workers or foreign workers . As everyone is created by the same way and everyone is equal . It is wrong for us , Singaporeans to discriminate against a certain Race or Religion or Country.Like the Singapore Pledge ”pledge ourselves as one united people,regardless of race, language or religion”.From this activity , i have learn not to judge someone based on their Skin color or race or religion. I will like to end this blog with a picture below.

download (6)
Black or White , we are the same egg.



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